Westin W4 Flytoverall

Westin W4 Flytoverall. Ett måste att ha vid vid kalla dagar så väl på vintern som vår och höst. En flytoverall fylld med smarta lösningar och skön komfort.
The transparent 180 view window panels integrated in the hood, the extra high soft fleece collar and the easy access inner pocket are just some of the features anglers will appreciate on the W4 Flotation Suit. Quality and functionality were the main priorities when designing this suit, but of course our designers also took hard core fishing and sea angling into the equation. The bracers will be highly appreciated on those calm, sunny days but its when the going gets tough, that important features like the very best waterproof materials, the right choice of buoyancy materials and a perfect fit really makes a difference.

(ord.pris: 2699 SEK)
2395 SEK

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